The success of any relocation project depends upon having a well-conceived plan and the right company to execute it.

- Michael S. Hoffberger | Member / Owner


Can you move after office hours?

Yes, we often move after-hours because we have better access to elevators and loading spaces.

Are you a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)

Yes, we are certified MBE/DBE by MDOT, Maryland Department of Transportation, State of Maryland

Do you move companies on weekends?

Yes, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year.

Should I hire a move consultant?

Hoffberger Moving Services provides the management team for your move from beginning to end. In most cases, you will not need a consultant to manage your move.  However, if you need a consultant to provide space planners, telephone and furniture purchases, etc., then a move consultant can be invaluable.

Can you recommend a move consultant?

Yes, Hoffberger Moving Services can assist with move consultation or provide you with the names of several reputable consultants.

Will you provide a written proposal?

At the start, one of our project managers will meet with you to determine the scope of the project. After a tour of your space and a preliminary inventory, the project manager will present a proposal detailing our moving plans and the cost of your move.

How do we begin to plan our move?

An experienced project manager will work with you during the planning stages of your move. We will establish a timetable, provide you with detailed instructions, and help determine the responsibilities of your team throughout the move process.

What is required to move and install my existing workstations?

Our installers are part of the move team, and we can supervise or complete the assembly and disassembly of your systems furniture.

If we are purchasing furniture for our new office, what plans should be made for our existing furniture?

We can help you with your different options. We can store your furniture in our warehouses, or you can donate the furniture to a charity, recycle it, or sell it to a used furniture dealer.

Can you move personal computers?

Yes, we have specialized computer bags, packing materials and equipment to move your personal computers. We can disconnect and reconnect the existing computers, giving your IT staff the time to work on the overall computer system.

Are you able to move specialized office equipment?

Each piece of office or laboratory equipment requires special attention. We have the manpower, equipment and experience to move specialized machines such as servers, copy machines, microscopes, freezers, etc.  If any of the equipment has a maintenance agreement, we will determine together whether your supplier requires the relocation of your machine.

How much packing should our employees do themselves?

Although we will meet directly with your employees to teach them how to pack and label, many businesses prefer that Hoffberger Moving Services pack their entire business. Some companies prefer to have their employees pack only their own desks or workstations, and others require their employees to pack everything. We will provide you with written packing and labeling instructions.

Do you have a labeling system?

We provide a color-coded labeling system for all jobs to help identify the floor, office, and placement of all items in coordination with your floor plans and room diagrams.  Along with the verbal instructions, we will give you written packing and labeling instructions.

Can you help us unpack?

Yes, we can assist with all of your packing and unpacking.

What supplies will we use to move?

Well in advance of your move day, Hoffberger Moving Services will deliver the labels, crates/boxes, bins, dollies, packing materials, book carts, equipment carts and all of the materials you will require for your move. We will teach you the most efficient and cost effective techniques of packing.

Do you have experience moving libraries?

Yes, we have moved libraries of all sizes in universities, colleges, law firms, hospitals, etc.  The books are placed in order in our special carts and labeled for storage or easy replacement on the new shelves.

How do you handle secure files and classified material?

We have specialized containers with locks for packing classified material. Secure files (up to 24 lineal feet) can be packed in order on carts and wrapped in black plastic wrap, and then moved on locked and secured trucks. We will coordinate with your security staff to move your classified materials with your personnel if necessary.

Do you have storage capabilities?

Yes, we have two warehouses for all of your storage needs.

Why should I care about mover’s liability insurance?

This coverage protects your organization during the course of a move. The policy covers building or furniture damage, accidents, or catastrophic occurrences. We will direct our insurance company to provide a certificate of insurance to building management.

How will you protect our offices from damage?

Protecting your old space and new space is very important to us.  We place Masonite on the floors, protective plastic film on the carpet, corrugated cardboard along your walls, corner protectors on doorframes and protection in the elevators.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Checks, ACH and EFT for payment.