The success of any relocation project depends upon having a well-conceived plan and the right company to execute it.

- Michael S. Hoffberger | Member / Owner

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Hoffberger will complete your move using the most advanced and efficient equipment and techniques available. We own all of our trucks and equipment, much of which is specifically designed to handle the demands of the commercial moving business.

Using T-Mobile technology, we can arrange instant communication between your staff and our dispatchers, drivers, moving teams and facility managers. In short, we have the resources to handle any assignment. In the past, clients have relied on us to provide:

  • Special protective carts to move an entire library in exact catalog order.
  • Products to protect floors, walls, elevators and doorways, while moving sensitive, multi-million dollar pieces of medical equipment.
  • Packaging designed specifically for computers, antiques and priceless works of art.