Our medical equipment warehousing services allow your staff to focus on what’s most important – providing exceptional patient care.

- Margaret A. Hoffberger | Managing Member / Owner

Service Spotlight: Medical Equipment Warehousing

The challenge: When hospitals or medical offices move, they very often order new equipment for their new spaces. However, it can be extremely difficult coordinating the arrival of the equipment at a time when the facility is ready for installation. This process is especially challenging during new construction.

The Hoffberger hassle-free solution: Hoffberger offers safe and secure long- or short-term storage of medical equipment, from furniture and supplies to microscopes, anesthesia machines and exam tables. 

Our services include:

  • Project Management – We will work hand-in-hand with your equipment planner or whoever is acting as the purchasing agent to outfit your new facility. You can contract with us directly or we can work as a subcontractor for your planner.
  • Warehousing (Receiving) – We receive your items directly from the manufacturer or distributor. We inspect all shipping containers for condition, quantity and type based on the packing slips and your purchase orders. Items are then checked in, receiving reports are filled out and the product is labeled and placed in storage. Copies of the receiving reports and packing slips are forwarded to you or your equipment planner. 
  • Storage – Our climate-controlled warehousing facilities, which are easily accessible from Interstate 95, are available for as little or as much time as you need them. Rates are based on time and cubic feet of storage space required.
  • Warehousing (Shipping) – When you’re ready to receive the new equipment, we will work with you or your equipment planner to determine the most convenient time for delivery. Hospitals and medical offices are our specialty, and we understand the special challenges of working in a medical environment. 
  • Installation – We can provide installation services for those items not requiring manufacturer or contractor installation. For example, clients often rely on us to assemble computer workstations and office partitions. 

Results: Using our medical equipment warehousing, your hospital or medical office can receive the necessary equipment only on an “as needed” basis during construction and initial occupancy. We also take care of the tedious and time-consuming tasks of confirming orders and making sure your equipment arrives in good condition. All of these services allow your staff to focus on what’s most important – providing exceptional patient care.