We take the same pride in moving libraries that librarians take in building their collections.

- Michael S. Hoffberger | Member / Owner

Service Spotlight: Library Relocation

The challenge: Moving a library can seem like an overwhelming task. How do you relocate thousands or, in some cases, millions of books, plus shelving and furniture, without damaging a single volume? What’s more, how do you make it happen without placing a single book out of order?

The Hoffberger hassle-free solution: At Hoffberger Moving Services, we take the same pride in moving libraries that librarians take in building their collections. We have experience moving public and private libraries of all sizes in universities, schools, law firms, hospitals, museums, homes, etc. That includes rare and out-of-print collections, and one library with more than 2 million volumes. Here’s how we do it:

  • Pre-Move Planning – A library move has to be planned and executed with military precision. We’ve moved enough libraries to know that if even a single row of books is relocated in the wrong order, it can set back a library move by days. Before we move anything, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan. The plan will cover all possible details, right down to how much room we need to leave on the shelves for future expansion.
  • Protective Carts – We move all books on protective carts that are custom-built for library moves. The carts are the same width as standard library shelves. Our experienced library technicians label each bookshelf in your old location, label each cart and place the books in order on the cart. The carts are then covered in plastic shrink wrap to prevent damage. At your new location, we simply match the shelving and cart labels and unpack the books. This makes a seemingly challenging process almost foolproof!
  • Shelving and Furniture – We can break down and rebuild your old shelving at your new location or we can assemble new shelving systems. The precise location of every shelf, for every collection, will be covered in your pre-move plan. In addition to moving libraries, we have moved millions of square feet of office space. So, we can easily handle all of your furniture, computer workstations or whatever else you need to move in addition to books.
  • Special Collections – We have been trusted to move multiple public and private archive collections. We treat rare books as they should be treated – like works of art. Our white-gloved technicians will do whatever it takes to protect these volumes, whether it be individually wrapping books in acid-free paper and boxes or packing them with soft cotton padding. (Did we mention that we move museums, too?)
  • Storage – Moisture destroys books. That’s why we operate a completely climate-controlled warehouse facility. We have stored books for months at a time, as libraries renovated space or prepared to move from an old building to a new building under construction. Books are also heavy. We have the space and expertise to store them in a safe, secure manner.

Results: Moving a library requires great skill and experience, and Hoffberger Moving Services is proud to have completed dozens of successful library moves – on time and within budget. Working with us, librarians can focus solely on their vision for a new space, because they know that we will handle the gritty details. Most importantly, they know we will care for their books as much as they do.