We are a certified small, woman-owned company - not a franchise or part of a giant corporate chain. Our clients choose us not only because of our exceptional skill and experience, but because we provide an unmatched level of personal service.

- Margaret A. Hoffberger | Managing Member/Owner

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Moving a Hospital

Relocating a hospital requires an experienced team of movers.

Hoffberger has developed long-term relationships with many hospitals in the Baltimore-Washington area, and now Saint Agnes Hospital has entrusted us with their most precious asset; their patients.

Last weekend, Hoffberger assisted the doctor/nurse move teams in relocating patients to Saint Agnes Hospital’s new 200,000 square foot south tower. With military precision, three patients at a time were readied for the move by the nurses while the Hoffberger team prepared their personal belongings and equipment for relocation. Together, the two teams transported patients (many connected to IV lines) in hospital beds with their belongings from the old hospital into elevators and down long halls emerging into the beautiful new private rooms designed by doctors and nurses for improved privacy and patient safety.

When it comes to moving hospitals, experience counts. We are proud to have been part of the team at the Saint Agnes Hospital move, and we wish them great success in their new tower.

Our Legal Moves

Moving a large law firm is like moving a library, offices and classified government documents – all at once.

Hoffberger has vast experience with all of these types of moves, which we believe gives us the unique ability to provide exceptional services for legal clients.

In March, we had the opportunity to move the law firm of Ober|Kaler, including all existing furniture and equipment, to its new Baltimore office in the 100 Light Street tower. The firm has 230 Baltimore employees, who now occupy nearly 95,000-square-feet in what was formerly known as the Legg Mason building.

We were able to move shelving and some files in advance. However, the bulk of the move was completed in two weekends, starting on Friday night and continuing through the night and through Saturday, to avoid disrupting normal business hours. Like all of our law office moves, it required incredible precision and attention to details.

• The legal library, all file rooms, and war rooms had to be packed and unpacked without moving a single volume out of place.

• Thousands of confidential, legal-sized files had to be packed and moved in correct order. In some cases, we had to interfile – combine files, in order, from multiple locations in the old building to a single location in the new building.

• Computers, furniture, and other office equipment were transferred to the 35-story building, the city’s tallest. In all, we disconnected and reconnected more than 200 computers.

Click here for more information about Ober|Kaler’s recent move.

We wish Ober|Kaler continued success in its new location.